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0417 053 377

Composting Toilet Systems provide waterless composting toilet products and services that offer sustainable, safe, and hygienic systems to treat human waste, save water, and produce a usable compost end product.

Our broad range of products and services include domestic installations, mobile units for small to medium events, and large scale permanent infrastructure catering for thousands of festival patrons. 

About CTS

As a mad composter and gardener I wanted to give people a great composting loo they would appreciate for years to come. Poo into compost (that must be good).

In 2006 Andy Tannahill, the founder of Composting Toilet Systems, was helping to manage some festival Portaloos when he thought there had to be a better way to deal with human waste and reduce transport costs in an environmentally helpful way. This led to his utilising world's best practices in the building of a permanent composting toilet system for a major Australian music festival. 

Since then our company has been focused on developing ways to spread the use of composting toilet technologies through the lobbying of government agencies, consulting work in the festival and event industry, installation of domestic systems, and the launch of our innovative mobile unit.

Our systems use absolutely no water, turn solid matter into usable compost in under 12 months, and collect urine to process into precious phosphorus.

CTS remains committed to a vision of a cultural shift where composting toilets become the norm in developed societies, and where people understand that their waste is a required contribution to the material which fertilises the food we eat. 

Contact Andy Tannahill on 0417 053 377, or use our contact form, to learn more about CTS and how our products can help bring back a better world.