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Composting Toilet Systems provide waterless composting toilet products and services that offer sustainable, safe, and hygienic systems to treat human waste, save water, and produce a usable compost end product.

Our broad range of products and services include domestic installations, mobile units for small to medium events, and large scale permanent infrastructure catering for thousands of festival patrons. 

Consultation & Management

Consultation and Management services


CTS built composting toilets at Hills Are Alive Festival, Vic

CTS built composting toilets at Hills Are Alive Festival, Vic

Composting Toilet Systems can provide a complete planning and installation service for composting toilet and liquid infrastructure services at major events.

 In addition we can source and manage a complete cleaning and maintenance team to ensure fresh, clean and trouble free operation during the event.

CTS currently services hundreds of toilets at the following annual events:

Call Andy Tannahill today on 03 8395 1940 or use our contact form to arrange a no-obligation meeting to discuss how we can assist in developing cost effective and water free toilet systems for your next event.

If you'd like to join our staff of festival workers, then please visit our Jobs page and leave your details.