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Composting Toilet Systems provide waterless composting toilet products and services that offer sustainable, safe, and hygienic systems to treat human waste, save water, and produce a usable compost end product.

Our broad range of products and services include domestic installations, mobile units for small to medium events, and large scale permanent infrastructure catering for thousands of festival patrons. 

What our Clients Say

Best public toilets ever! even had classical music in the background and fresh flowers inside #SLFAus
— B_Hope via Twitter

Your great support in providing composting toilets at the Festival played an important role in making the 2014 Sustainable Living Festival unique and a success!
— Kerstin Schnekenburger, Partnerships Coordinator, Sustainable Living Festival

It was the most obvious choice to have a compost toilet. Living close to the land and having a limited supply of water in tanks, the futility of water arriving and departing to flush a nutrient rich wee down into who knows where land seemed preposterous. Having a compost toilet that enables me to use my excrements in a way that can add nutrients to the surrounding land and fruit trees is an added bonus to the fact that no energy is wasted on water being constantly required to fill a basin, only to flush it away again. Knowing that my bodily functions are all functioning as nature had intended it, I am deeply satisfied by my toilet experience on a daily basis.
— Leonie Van Eyk
This recent weekend past, I went to another bush festival. I had a wonderful time but was horrified by the toilet facilities. Aunty, it was disgusting and horrid. It made me think about how well the toilets are maintained at Meredith and I would like to say a big THANK YOU!!!!!!

I am sure it is not the most pleasant element of festival planning and work, but I am extremely grateful for the effort which goes into maintaining a hygienic service. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.

Looking forward to partying at my favourite aunty’s in a few weeks.

Lots of love,
— Steph, Meredith Festival 2015