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Hire Toilets

Hire Toilets



Composting Toilet Systems are currently accepting bookings for our mobile units which are perfect for small to medium events.

The four person unit consists of four toilets and has received rave reviews, frequently being heralded by users as "the best event toilets" and "the future of compost toilets." 

Integrating easily into any site and requiring minimal setup, all our mobile units require no power and do not have to be connected to a water supply. If hiring the four person unit, we offer a fully managed service to ensure a clean and fresh environment is maintained throughout your event.




Our brand new single toilet unit is perfect for smaller events and can fit into even the tiniest of corners.

Integrating easily into any site and requiring minimal setup, all our mobile units require no power and do not have to be connected to a water supply.

At cost that's competitive with portaloos and other chemical toilet products there's no reason not to consider our service. Call Andy Tannahill today on 03 8395 1940 or place an enquiry using the form below:

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